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Power your world

1. Your city is being created
You start the game as the energy manager of a rural district in which your city is to be created. You build the first power plants and supply your citizens with power. Then your city starts to grow: Population increases, residential and commercial buildings are constructed, industry moves in.

2. Build your power plants
Various technologies are available for you to produce power: combined cycle power plants, wind farms, photovoltaic systems, biomass plants, and lots more. You need to develop a strategy for the ideal energy mix, which you can advance through your own research.

3. Improve your ranking
To move up in the rankings, you should keep an eye on your energy balance. In your control center, you can always access information about the status of energy resources, power consumption, power generated, and other important data. Your activities affect your total points and your ranking in the game.

4. Trade and win
If you produce more power than is actually used, this has a negative effect on your profile, unless you make use of the opportunity to trade with the surplus. To take part in power trading, you must first join a network. This is where you can sell your surplus and buy power.

5. Your community
You can have discussions with your community, trade power and technologies within the network or share research results. The ranking of the selected community also affects your POWER MATRIX ranking. Making the right choices gives you a strategic advantage.

6. Now play free of charge
Are you ready? Then get going and play the free POWER MATRIX Game online in your browser. There is no need to download anything.